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In Year Admissions

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In-Year Applications  

All applications for admission to the school other than those for admission to the Reception class in September are In-Year transfers or In-Year applications.  

Should you need to apply for a school place outside the normal admissions round, you will need to apply to the school directly.  You will need to complete an In Year (School Transfer) Application Form, which can be found below or obtained from the school office, with a copy of your child's birth certificate, baptismal certificate, and recent (within three months) proof of address such as a council tax bill or utility bill.  If you would like to visit our school beforehand, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

Completed application forms and evidence must be returned to the school office.  Once your completed application has been received, it will be considered by the admissions committee of the school's governing body at their next meeting.  

Oversubscription Criteria

Where there are places available but more applications than places, the published oversubscription criteria will be applied as set out in the current year's admissions arrangements.  Admissions policies can be found below or by contacting the school office to request a hard copy.  Parents are advised to read the admissions arrangements carefully before making their application.

If there are no places available, your child will be placed on the waiting list for the appropriate year group, for the remainder of that school year.  Waiting lists are discarded at the end of the academic year, 31st August.  If you wish for your child to remain on the waiting list for a subsequent academic year, you will need to make a further application at the beginning of the next academic year, 1st September.

Full details of our over-subscription criteria and how places are offered can be found below.