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Online Safety

It is the responsibility of all parents and carers to be aware of the minimum age of any social media platforms that your child may be using. It is also important that parents and carers monitor the use of any such platforms that their child is using, and report any misuse to the appropriate authorities.

National Online Safety has made a wealth of information available to support parents and carers (below); this includes handbooks showing you how to monitor your child’s online activities. 

School is not responsible for monitoring or dealing with misuse of social media platforms outside of school; it may be necessary however to report any ongoing issues to the appropriate authorities. 

Pupils are not permitted to have mobile phones in school.  If your child needs their mobile phone as they walk home alone, please email the school to let us know.  He/she should then hand their phone in at the school office before coming into school and collect it after the end of the school day.

Please help us to concentrate the minds of our children on what they are in school for and not let them be constantly distracted by what can be very damaging practices.