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Our Patron: St Dunstan

From a young age, St Dunstan showed a talent for many things—music, art, and even metalworking!

But what made him truly remarkable was his kind heart and adventurous spirit. 

As he grew older, he embarked on a thrilling quest to serve others and spread joy wherever he went. Along the way, he encountered many challenges but with courage and determination, St Dunstan always triumphed, proving that goodness and bravery can conquer any obstacle.

St Dunstan's journey led him to a peaceful monastery, where he discovered a new calling, his vocation—becoming a monk. There, surrounded by friends and mentors, Dunstan devoted himself to prayer, learning, and helping those in need. His talents as a craftsman even caught the attention of kings, who sought his wise counsel and friendship.

But Dunstan's greatest adventure was yet to come! Through hard work and faith, he rose to become the Archbishop of Canterbury, a noble leader who guided his people with wisdom and compassion. His legacy lives on today, reminding us all to be kind, brave, and true to ourselves.

St Dunstan reminds us to live out our school mission:

As we grow with God, we learn from each other.