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School Uniform

School Uniform Policy & Expectations 2023 - 2024

The Governing Body of St Dunstan’s School requires that all pupils wear the prescribed uniform (as detailed below) because we feel that uniform ties the pupils together and shows that we are one family. School uniform is an equaliser, and as such, all pupils are expected to wear the uniform. The Governors have items of uniform with our school logo. Some of these are compulsory, and some are optional. We have minimised the number of compulsory logo items to allow parents more options for sourcing clothing. The table at the end of the document will show compulsory and optional logo elements.

This list is the uniform of the school, and if an item of clothing is not listed, then it is not uniform and should not be worn. 

By seeking admission or by sending your child to St Dunstan’s Catholic School you are also agreeing to support the policies of the school including adherence to the prescribed uniform code. 

 Where to buy St Dunstan’s uniform with an embroidered logo?

  1. Clive Mark in Kings Heath, Poplar Road, Birmingham, B14 7AD
  2. My Clothing, part of Tesco Direct.  Search for our school by postcode B14 7LP
  3. School Uniform Direct

Most uniform staples, as mentioned above, can be purchased at George at Asda, Tesco's, Next and Sainsbury’s etc.  


Boys Years 1 to 6


  • Grey trousers
  • Hard collar white shirt (short or long sleeves) with school tie
  • Maroon  V-neck sweatshirt with embroidered logo
  • Maroon and white school tie (Years 1 and 2: elastic; Years 3 – 6 traditional ties)

Summer Optional (Easter to July)

  • Grey trousers or tailored shorts
  • White polo shirt (with school logo)
  • Maroon V-neck sweatshirt with embroidered logo

Girls: Years 1 – 6


  • Grey skirt or tailored trousers
  • Or (Years 1 and 2 only) a grey pinafore dress
  • Hard collar white shirt (short or long sleeves) with school tie
  • Maroon V-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with embroidered logo
  • Maroon school tie (Years 1 and 2: elastic; Years 3 – 6 traditional ties)
  • Black or grey tights optional (no colours or patterns)

Summer Optional (Easter to July)

  • Grey skirt or tailored trousers
  • White polo shirt (with school logo)
  • Gingham dress (colour range pink to maroon)
  • Maroon V-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with embroidered logo
  • White socks

Reception: Boys and Girls (Uniform is optional for Nursery children)

  • Grey skirt or tailored trousers with elasticated waist
  • Or a grey pinafore dress
  • Maroon V-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with embroidered logo
  • Black shoes (must be slip-on or Velcro fastening)

PE Kit (Please remember that PE is a compulsory part of the National Curriculum, and all pupils are expected to participate).

  • White round neck t-shirt (with school logo)
  • Plain maroon PE shorts
  • Black pumps slip-on or Velcro strap
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (for winter) optional


  • All shoes must be plain black with a covered toe (for health and safety reasons).
  • No boots, trainers, sports shoes or heels allowed.
  • Velcro fastening or slip-on for Nursery and Reception.

Additional Equipment and Information

  • Maroon School Reading Book Bag is required for all children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4. Pupils do not need another bag.
  • Rucksacks are not allowed in these classes – they are too large to store safely, and your child will be asked to keep them home. In Years 5 and 6, pupils may have either a School Reading Book Bag or a Rucksack.
  • Every child should always have a bag suitable for holding his/her PE kit in school.
  • Maroon, black or white plain caps/sun hats to be worn on school visits and during the school day in hot weather (we do not allow fashion caps or football team caps).

Hairstyle Rules

No extreme/fashion haircuts are allowed for boys or girls.

  • During term time, fashion hairstyles, including shaved, dyed, tramlines, undercut or Mohawks, are not permitted.  If the Headteacher deems the haircut to be extreme. In that case, you will be asked to rectify it at the hairdresser/barber. Please note that this is not a matter for debate; appropriate hairstyles are part of the agreed uniform policy, and parents are required to support the school in applying that policy.
  • Long hair must be worn in a plait, bun or ponytail/s at all times to minimise exposure to head lice (hair ties and bows in maroon, black or white – no fashion hair bows except on theme days or non-uniform days). Please note that hair rules apply equally to boys and girls.
  • Pupils are not allowed to colour their hair during term time, and any colours added for fun must be gone before pupils return to school.

Jewellery Rules

No jewellery allowed, including earrings (no studs and no earring hole retainers)

  • KS2 children may wear a watch (but not a ‘smartwatch' with Internet connectivity), teachers cannot be responsible for minding them.
  • Please ensure ears are pierced in the summer holidays to allow enough time for the hole to remain open without retainers.
  • Pupils that wear earrings to school will be asked to remove them, or you will be telephoned and asked to come and remove them.

 Makeup Rules

No nail polish or make-up is allowed.

  • Pupils arriving with makeup or nail polish will be asked to remove it and will be provided with materials to do so